When Will Racing Be Back Without Restrictions?

When Will Racing Be Back Without Restrictions?

The world of sports has been greatly hindered by the COVID pandemic, with restrictions on the great outdoors particularly burdensome for those whose main hobbies required outdoor experiences. The world of motocross racing was not immune. Changes and restrictions from the pandemic meant that:

  1. Events were canceled outright, even those primarily outside, or put on hold until such time as things “go back to normal”
  2. As restrictions were eased, there were still limits to the number of participants in events
  3. Campsites were closed down with limited options for nearby hotels
  4. Bike trails were closed at the state and federal levels, preventing people from even taking their bikes out for practice or fun

Easing Covid Restrictions

motocross racing post-Covid

Now, in many places, these restrictions are being eased which means that this summer, you can get back on the track and back in the bike, as it were. There are still many places withmask rules in effect for specific areas, like The Paddock. This is an area which will also be closed to the general public and only open to those who have a need to be there. People working around Technical Inspection, or the Starting Gate, or even the Staging Area may still find that masks are required, in spite of it being an outdoor event. 

Nonetheless, those who are wearing helmets do not necessarily need to wear one. In some situations, riders need masks when they are not wearing their helmets but this is based on the arena rules.  Staggering for staging will likely remain in effect, with only one group staged at a time and riders and their bikes positioned six feet apart where possible. Limits may be in place for how many people can be behind the Start Gate, with only the rider and mechanics allowed. While all of this does make it more difficult for family, friends, and other support staff to be right there where the action is, it also makes things a bit safer and no doubt easier for riders to get a stress free start.  Teams may be required to provide their own water. Riders may also be required to enter and exit stages or podiums at specific areas or in a staggered fashion.  

However, there are many areas where restrictions are being removed or alleviated altogether and this includes many regular race tracks where events are not taking place, but riders just want to practice or camp out for the weekend. Here, you will find that things have returned almost entirely to normal, with states removing mask protocols for those who have been vaccinated and doing away with legal requirements (though it remains recommended) for social distancing. Campsites are open and operational which means motocross can resume regular activities and families can head out for the weekend to their favorite campsites with bikes in tow. 

Onsite Camping at the Track – What an Experience!

Now, thankfully, as restrictions are being lifted, one of the best ways in which things are returning to normal for motocross racing is the opening of onsite camping.  Onsite camping makes the entire motocross experience worth the time invested. Onsite camping, or camping directly at the site of the event or hobby, provides easy access to the race tracks, to the people, and to the amenities required without having to wake up and drive somewhere each morning.  Campsites with lots available for pitching tents next to bikes, or lodging in a more formal, hotel style are both available with only limited restrictions in some states for those who are inside a lobby, a hospital, or a school.  Moreover, when hauling trailers for motocross bikes, being able to park safely and effectively, and not having to haul for the remainder of the trip to conduct a store run or get to the start of a race saves time, energy, and gas. For those who use onsite camping, there is a lot more relaxing downtime because of this driving time eliminated from your schedule.  During that time, you can relax in nature while camping and use mobile phone casinos to keep yourself entertained after a long day. These mobile casinos can be accessed anywhere, meaning if your onsite camp site has internet or a few bars for your cell phone, you are in business. It offers a great way to pass the time and play your favorite games after a hard ride, still enjoying the great outdoors.