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AMA Women’s Motocross Cup Final

(2015 Date Not Announced)

Womens Cup 800 Pink

The AMA Women’s MX Cup Final (WMC) takes place on the Freestone AMA Pro National track.

The idea behind the WMC is to find the next generation of women professional motocross riders.  Without amateur racing, women’s pro racing has nothing to feed from.  By design, the WMC will be the proving ground for the next group of professional women pro riders.

The Women’s Cup is a three-moto format.  No series commit; no requirements to qualify.


AMA Womens Cup Info:

Online Registration (Not Yet Released)

Weekend Schedule (Not Yet Released)

Class Structure (Not Yet Released)

Pro Payout Scale

Factory Contingency – Honda, KTM, Suzuki

LIVE Webcast