Allstar Amateurs

The Allstar Amateurs returns at Freestone Raceway. Once a stand alone event last held in 2013. Now a 3 Round “Super Motocross” like series for Amateurs. We will run these events on the Freestone Amateur Night track with new Supercross lanes added to the track. Each round will have changes to the rhythm sections to give FEATURED classes something new at each race. It will feature legitimate to scale obstacles to prepare these future racers.

The KTM Junior Supercross Program has run for 22 years now at each round of the Supercross series. Those racers compete on the Mini E bikes. For the second year running now, Super Motocross has added the 65’s, Supermini, and 250 World-Allstar’s to its lineup. Supercross has the Supercross Futures program that the amateur B and A riders compete in at select rounds. The Allstar Amateur Series format is designed to prepare racers for those events.

Racing format for everyone is a Heat Race for gate pick, Main Event for overall. Our FEATURED classes are specifically structured to prepare those racers whom may be eligible for the opportunity to race the Supercross Futures, and SMX Playoffs in the World-Allstars. Only they will ride the legit Supercross lanes. The rest of the classes will ride the other sections of the night track to keep them safe. (i.e., vets/beginners/novice).

Nothing like this has ever been done in Amateur racing to prepare racers for the SMX Playoffs and Supercross Futures. The final round will run on Sunday, following Dallas Supercross February 22nd 2025 and will be streamed live on Youtube! We will have a Pro Purse for the Open Pro class at the final round.

More details will follow, slight changes may occur to classes/schedule times.

Vernon Mckiddie of Vmac Tracks was scheduled to build the Supercross addition to the Freestone Night track the first week of May. Weather has delayed construction for the debut of new layout unfortunately for the FMF Texas Night Series May 18, but a preview will now be July 20th Final round.