Corona Virus – James Stewart Freestone Spring Championship

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Texas Gov. Abbott has just urged the sick and the vulnerable (the elderly and those with underlying health conditions or suppressed immune systems) to avoid large events and mass gatherings. Even if they must, Abbott has advised people to get protection equipment from and use them at all times. This is sound advice andFreestone County Raceway likewise urges the sick and vulnerable to avoid large gatherings, including Freestone County Raceway events. Freestone County Raceway will comply with the restrictions imposed by federal, state and local authorities, including the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC) and the World HealthOrganization (“WHO”) regarding this matter.

At this time, the 11th Annual James Stewart Freestone Spring Championship Presented by Parts Unlimited & Thor set for the week of March 16th -21st at Freestone County Raceway, is under no such restriction and will proceed as scheduled unless notified to the contrary by local authorities.

Due to the nature of the situation and with intent to decrease the number of days without sacrificing track time, we will not do hot laps for every moto. We will do a wheels on the ground sight lap in the morning each day of racing.

In the meantime, Freestone County Raceway urges its racing family to use common sense: 1) wash your hands often; 2) avoid shaking hands or coming into close personal contact with others; 3) if you are sick, stay home; 4) if you are really sick, go to the hospital; and 5) don’t panic. There are multiple sinks in our restroom facilities available for handwashing. We are taking measures to sanitize our work areas in the tower and at the gates to decrease spread of germs. Please use your own pens to sign gate sheets and fill out paperwork if possible and wash your hands after being in public areas.

The health, safety and welfare of our riders, teams and fans remains paramount, and we will keep our race community apprised of all further developments. Please direct all comments and questions to our website under our contact tab.

Please remember we accept cash only at the gate, and to fill your campers with water prior to arrival. We look forward to having everyone at the event.