The excitement of Motor races

The excitement of motocross races is building as motorcyclist based events are gearing up all summer long with hundreds of exciting competitions and recreational activities scheduled all the way through the end of October across the United States.

Motocross: Upcoming events


There are dozens of upcoming events that are sure to please fans and racers no matter where they live. The AMA has listed competitive and recreational events from different charters. 

  • In June, for example, you will find the MotoAmerica-Amateaur competitive race in Shelton, WA, a road race that is chartered by Moto-America. 
  • For flat track races there is the Pushin the Cushion 1 in Greenville, OH chartered by RBRD, only a half mile but on a stunning flat race track. 
  • For cross country fans there is the HillBilly Hare Scramble, a Hare scramble and cross country event in Rural Retreat, VA chartered by the Virginia Competition Hare Scramble Services. 

There are also many recreational events:

  • Those on the other side of the country can enjoy the Big Bear Run, a dual sport event in Big Bear Lake, CA chartered by Big Bear Trail Riders, Inc. 
  • For a fun road rally, there is the Over and Out Moto X event in Stockton, NJ.
  • Off road and trail riding schools are having events in King George, VA at the New Rider Dirt Bike School chartered by DC Dirt Camp.
  • A recreational trail ride is scheduled in Williston, VT by the Green Mountain Plonkers Trials Club of Vermont, Inc.

All summer long you will see a high volume of events as updates to covid restrictions have now allowed Charters to reinstate multiple events and they are doing so with vigor. Whether you want recreation or competition, there is something across the United States at any given time. There are flat track competitions in Illinois, Road rides for recreation in Wisconsin, Motocross competitions in Texas and Michigan as well as Ohio. Adventure rides are taking place in Ohio with Enduro competitions in Pennsylvania and road races in Colorado. Hill climbs are being hosted competitively in Minnesota with Speedway competitions in Southern California and dual sport recreational events in Arkansas.

Every day there are dozens of field meets, observed Trail, Adventure ride, Offroad, Motocross, dual sport, and Speedway events. There are even Xtreme Off-Road competitions in places like Pennsylvania and the Grand Prix competition in July in Illinois.

Motocross: Attending events 


Attending any of these events brings with it a wonderful opportunity for entertainment even if your loved ones aren’t competing or participating. There is always something to do in and around the multiple events throughout the day. Tents are set up at the campground not just for people who are camping but for sales and summer fun whether you are looking for a delicious snack, a refreshing beverage, some games you can play, or some cool swag. You might find new tools for your bike just when you need the most or a fun shirt to commemorate your trip to the Adventure ride in Ohio.

Each of these events consists of multiple races so you won’t show up and only watch one competition for a half mile if you go to the flat track race in Ohio, but instead you will watch multiple divisions, multiple age groups, and multiple teams compete against one another throughout the course of the event which can last all day. In between different events you might have some down time where you can peruse the different booths, get yourself some snacks, or even find some entertaining games to help you pass the time before the next event begins. 

Going to an arena or a racing circuit to watch these races brings with it opportunities to visit sports betting rooms inside the Arenas where Bettors can go and place their bets on winners, best rounds, second place winners, and more characteristics. The world of sports betting is no longer confined to just who will win but by how much and how. The sports betting rooms are particularly entertaining as they offer slot machines for Bettors who can take advantage of their down time in between races by gambling and winning jackpots.

Participants who find games that they love while attending these events don’t have to book a room at the next dual sport recreational ride or Enduro competition in order to play them. Gamblers can play slots online in online casinos like the pay n play casino, bringing the fun of the games to their home.