2013 Texas Night Series Announced

14th Annual FMF Texas Night Series Ready with all NEW Format

As the 14 year of the series comes, the series continues to evolve.  With the anticipated announcement for 2013, each series (North and South) will be four (4) rounds with eight (8) point-paying moto’s.  Each round of each series will occur on the same weekend.  Once the series is complete, the TOP 20 in each series will meet in the middle and take part in the North verses South Invitational Shootout at Freestone County Raceway on Saturday, June 8th.

Other specifics include riders must attend 3 out of 4 rounds to be eligible for overall contingency and awards.  To receive overall contingency and awards, you must be present at the Invitational SHOOTOUT.  Regardless of how many rounds you attend, the TOP 20 in series points will be invited to compete the SHOOTOUT.  The Top 10 overalls in each amateur class at the SHOOTOUT will receive awards.

Other news includes the return of KTM for 2013 with $15,930 in factory contingency for every round of each series including the SHOOTOUT.  FMF and Tucker Rocky both return as title and presenting sponsors respectively along with a host of great companies for product contingency support.

Ohhhhh yes, check this ………………. the Texas Night Series is keeping the 2006 entry fees by offering $30 for all online entries.

In all, the North and South Texas Night Series along with the all NEW North vs South Invitational SHOOTOUT will tell who’s the top dog under the lights of Texas motocross.  For more information about the series schedule, classes and tracks, CLICK HERE.

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