50cc Classes Dominate Winter Series

December 26, 2014 (Wortham, Texas) – With all the Christmas cheer behind us and a bunch of left-overs in the refrigerator, we are only one week away from the gates opening at Freestone Raceway for practice day and the 15th Annual Honda of Houston/FMF AMA Texas Winter Series.

One year ago, the Texas Winter Series kicked off with 816 entries for the first round.  What was more amazing was that the 50/51cc classes accounted for 135 of the total entries.  Part of the reason for the large PeeWee turnout was because the series offered more 51cc classes than any promoter in the United States.

Will this change for 2015?  The answer is no.  The 2014 50/51cc classes have returned for the 2015 Texas Winter Series and some of the best racing will be on Saturday, January 3rd as they line up for round 1.  The classes include:

  1. 50cc (4-8) Air-Cooled
  2. 51cc (4-5)
  3. 51cc (4-6)
  4. 51cc (6-7)
  5. 51cc (7-8)
  6. 51cc (4-8)

All of the classes are under “limited” rules so please know your rules before race.  If you don’t know, check the AMA website with this link: http://www.americanmotorcyclist.com/racing/rules.  Riders can pre-enter until 11pm on Tuesday, December 30th.  To sign up early, go to https://secure.tracksideonlineresults.com/freestone/.

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