Classes Announced for 2017 Winter Series

August 29, 2016 (Wortham, Texas) – The evolution of motorcycles and competition in motocross over the last 17 years in the Texas Winter Series has lead to many changes.  The 2017 FMF AMA Texas Winter Series is not exempted from that process.

The biggest change comes not just to the series but to AMA sanctioned events in general.  Any rider under the age of 14 will not be allowed to compete on 250cc bikes or larger and no rider under 16 will be allowed to race a 450cc. بوكر عربي   After looking at the ages that competed in the past, it will only effect a minute number of riders.  The new 125 age group has sharpened its ages to bring the competition closer too. بيت فاينل

The classes for the 2017 FMF Texas Winter Series remain similar.  The 2016 series was the third best attendance on record with an average of 714 entries per round.  With the addition of adding Johnsonville MX Farm for Round 4 in the series, the new mix of classes will further highlight many classes.

Returning in 2017 is the strong showing of 50 and 51cc classes.  The unique class structure brings competition to Texas riders like no other series. ماهي لعبة الروليت   The return of all the Beginner classes allows the youngest and newest riders to gate up too.  The latest change is for the Vet classes.  Now A/B and C/D riders will have their own classes every ten years in the 30, 40 and 50 plus along with open classes in 35 and 45.  The Vet’s will also have an “A” class to compete for cash and factory contingency.

To view the entire 2017 “class structure” for the 17th annual series, go over to the Texas Winter Series page.


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