Classes for AllStar Amateurs

October 23, 2013 (Wortham, Texas) – With the 5th Annual AMA AllStar Amateurs less than two weeks away (Saturday, November 2nd), we wanted to highlight some of the classes for this years event.

Outside of the standard classes from 50’s to Vet’s, the AllStar Amateurs gives the opportunity for some redesigned divisions.  For 2013, the first new class is the 65-85cc Beginner 7-11 class.  The 65cc riders have asked for a beginner class before and with only one wheel size difference between the 65 and 85, this class gives those riders a chance to ride an Open and a Beginner class with the same age group as the 65 Open class.

The next class we are highlighting today is the 85/150 Beginner 12-16.  Many times a local dealer is not aware of competition rules so they simply fit a rider for a bike.  So following with the Supermini guidelines, this will allow big wheel owners to ride in the Beginner and the Supermini classes giving them two classes to ride one bike.

The final class highlight is the two Girls classes.  We have opened the Girls Jr class allowing girls on 65cc bikes to have a class to ride in without being forced to ride with the boys.  Much like the 65-85cc Beginner class, the Girls Jr is from 7-11 years.  This separates them from the Girls Sr making both classes closer in competition.

With the extra highlight at intermission with the Pro DASH-FOR-CASH, Freestyle Exhibition and the Fireworks Show, the day and night race at Freestone will be filled all day.  Hop over to our Freestone Facebook page and check in that you are going.

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