Donations for Moto for Moore (OK)

May 22, 2013 (Wortham, Texas) – With over 2400 homes and 10,000 of our northern neighbors in Moore, Oklahoma affected by the EF5 tornado, Championship Ministries has put together the “Moto for Moore” campaign. بوكر حقيقي

“As motocrossers, we understand what hard work means and the people of Moore, Oklahoma have a long, hard battle to rebuild their entire lives” said Steve Dennis of Champ Ministries. الكزينو  “Enterprise Rentals have donated a box truck to the ministry to haul everything we can collect so we are truly blessed to serve in this way.”

Drop-point for supplies will be this weekend (May 25-27) at Freestone Raceway at the AMA Texas State Championship and Women’s Cup.  The donations will be collected at the front gate.  “Since Freestone is exactly two hours north of Conroe and just over an hour south of Dallas, its perfect to serve our motocross community as a drop-off point” Mr. بوكر حقيقي Dennis said.  Items that are needed right now include:

    1. Bottled Water
    2. Canned Food
    3. Diapers
    4. Baby Formula
    5. Tooth Brush & Paste
    6. T-Shirts & Shorts
    7. Socks
    8. Undergarments
    9. Sleeping Cots
    10. Batteries (AAA, AA, C, D, 9 Volt)

Cash donations are welcome as the transportation vehicle will need fuel.  You can donate direct at through PayPal.  To help with your time or questions about “Moto for Moore”, contact Steve Dennis (832) 444-5335.

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