Early Registration Winter Series (Rd 1)

December 15, 2014 (Wortham, Texas) – It’s amazing to think that Christmas is almost here.  That also means the tradition of racing motocross is Texas is about to begin another year with the 15th Annual Honda of Houston/FMF AMA Texas Winter Series kicking off on January 3rd and 4th at Freestone Raceway.

Early registration is now open and will remain open until Tuesday, December 30th at 11pm.  Sign up online and save yourself $5 per class entry for all amateur and pro classes.  Round 1 of the AMA Texas Winter Series will also kick off the AMA Pro-Am qualifiers.  Each round will host a qualifier and give those in attendance a glimpse into who is the next “hot” prospect coming into the “A” class.  Adding to the excitement of the series, the Pro-Am purse has increased to $4000 per round.  (Note: other event registration is open so insure you register for the correct event).

Gates will open at Freestone Raceway on Friday, January 2nd at 7:00am for a full day of organized practice.  Medical staff and flaggers will be on hand to provide a great day of riding and testing.  FMF Racing will be trackside with their rig offering a Test-N-Tune all day on Friday.

For a full weekend schedule, go to

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4 thoughts on “Early Registration Winter Series (Rd 1)

  1. Hi Mindy. That is correct. The gates will not open Thursday. Right now, we are watching the weather and will report 9am on Thursday about practice day on Friday.

  2. Is there a chance the races will be postponed? Weather looks like 50+ % rain from wed through sat.

    Joel Kingston
    New mexico

  3. Hi Joel,

    The races will not be postponed at all. There is only 20% chance of Am showers on Saturday so we will not postpone the weekend. We just made a PR in regard. Gates will open on Friday at 4pm.

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