Evans Cooling Steps Into Texas Night Series

May 12, 2016 (Wortham, Texas) – In just about every factory race teams engine, you will now find Evans Cooling in their bikes.  Why?  Because this product is the latest evolution in technology of keeping a motor from overheating.  For the 17th Annual FMF Texas Night Series, Evans Cooling is the official coolant for the series.

“As our water-less coolant has gained wide acceptance at the professional level of the sport, it’s become important for us to connect with the amateur racers who are the core of the industry” said John Light, Powersports Division Manager for Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. روليت للايفون   “We asked a few key players in the industry how to reach the amateur racers. روليت للايفون   Through our efforts Evans Cooling is excited to be part of the action with the AMA Texas Night Series.  The connection we sought lead us to this series as an obvious choice. لعبه الروليت

So what are the Texas Night Series riders getting out of this you ask?  Every rider that places 3rd overall in each of the 30 amateur classes will receive one 1/2 gallon of the revolutionary Evans Powersports Waterless Coolant.  Once you start using Evans Coolant, you will never use anything else.

Round 4 of the Texas Night Series is this coming Saturday, May 14th at Oakhill Raceway.



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