Factory Contingency $$$

Wortham, Texas – The 11th Annual AMA Texas Winter Series announces it’s backing by all of the major manufacturers in 2011.  The total will exceed well over $100,000 for the four round series.  Of course this does not include the product and certificate contingency that will be handed out at the last round.

While Kawasaki and KTM have not released their information, all four rounds will be paying factory contingency from all the OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

Each OEM has their own registration.  Most, if not all, only require to register once per year so once you have filed this with your OEM, you will be eligible at any event around the country that pays factory bucks.  In other words, get signed up now so you can get paid based on the requirements of each manufacturer.  Here are the links to each one. If its not updated for 2011 yet, you will be grandfathered from the first round.

Why just race around if you don’t have anyone to compete against?  No matter what place your in, the Texas Winter Series provides great competition for every racer; 3rd to 30th. As we like to say, the Texas Winter Series is the “Roughest, Toughest, Largest, Richest …….. Funnest series in Texas!!!! Get registered today with your OEM and let’s go racing!!!! And Happy New Year everyone!!!!  See you in a few days!!!!







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