FMF Enters 12th Year with Texas Night Series

May 23, 2016 (Wortham, Texas) -For the 12th consecutive year, FMF Racing is the title sponsor to the AMA Texas Night Series.  With such a great partnership, it’s no wonder that FMF comes with great support along with that sponsorship.

In addition to being the title sponsor, FMF Racing offers riders of the Texas Night Series an exclusive 1-year contract for every amateur class champion.  FMF backs that up by giving away some great items.  At the last round of the series, most riders that competed in 4 of the 6 rounds will leave with something from FMF Racing.  As an example, FMF is giving away 30 FMF Exhaust Spring Puller tools, 30 FMF Exhaust Wash Plugs, 30 FMF Muffler Packing and 30 FMF 60″ Vented Umbrellas along with 30 1-Year exclusive rider contracts.

“We have enjoyed a great relationship for a long while” said Donnie Emler Jr, Marketing Director for FMF Racing.  “We want to give back as much and as often as we can to the riders in Texas and to the Texas Night Series.  Several riders have become long time sponsored riders of FMF and we hope to bring more to the riders and their families”.

Don’t miss the next round of the FMF Texas Night Series this Saturday, May 28th at Badlands MX Park.



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