Freestone Spring Championship

Official Announcement of the AMA Freestone Spring Championship

December 1, 2010

For Immediate Release:

Wortham, Texas – In staying with the 14 year tradition of amateur motocross racers coming to Texas for the two weeks of spring break, Freestone County Raceway is proud to announce the Inaugural AMA Spring Championship, March 7-12.  The Spring Championship will be hosted on Freestone’s demanding AMA Pro National track.  Riders like Ben Townley have been quoted as saying “the track is amazing.    Its one of the best facilities on the national schedule.”

The Spring Championship will add a new dimension to national level amateur racing in 2011.  Tuesday, March 8th is scheduled as practice day for all classes.  From the fastest lap time in each class, a riders gate pick will be based upon the finishing order from their class.  The #1 qualifier will get first gate pick.  Regardless of classes that may have divisions, all riders will be gated for racing that starts on Wednesday, March 9th.

Move-In and registration for racers start on Monday, March 7th with a track walk at the end of the day.  The Spring Championship will offer the conventional stock and modified classes for all sizes along with girls/women’s amateur classes, Women’s Pro, an AMA Pro/Am and eleven different Vet classes.

Online registration opens on Monday, January 3rd.  For a full schedule, class structure and event information, go to  Join the email list to get up-to-date information and stay in touch with the latest updates.


AMA Freestone Spring Championship

10 thoughts on “Freestone Spring Championship

  1. How come ya'll scheduled this on top of the Spring Classic? Most of us are going there. It would have been so much cooler if you had scheduled it after Oak Hill. Would've added another race to go to for sure. Best of luck, but next year schedule it at another time.

  2. Riders have been asking for Freestone to hold an event before the McWilliams leased the Lake Whitney track. We are keeping the tradition of two weeks of racing in TEXAS, back to back with OEM support! That's why we have an event scheduled, cause that's what the riders asked for.

  3. We were thinking of coming out from Cali but there are only stock and mod 85 for the 9-11 class no open or super-mini??? Cant justify for 2 classes..

  4. We are looking at adding a 7-11 open class to the schedule so there are 3 classes to participate in for every 85 age group! The class structure will be updated asap and re posted.

  5. Will the Vets race on Sat and Sun like how the GNC finals are layed out? So we don't have to take off work for a week.

  6. motofamily, the classes have been updated and certified by the AMA. We hope to see everyone from the west coast make it to Freestone.

  7. I was more than disappointed at how some things were ran at the Spring Classic. It seems as if the ones who are not "factory" riders aren't given much credit. It was sad that some who had fastest lap times in practice had them taken away. Poor judgement on the part of officials.

  8. It is more disappointing that you would make such accusations. Timed practice is designed to make things more fair and some people take advantage of that regardless of who they ride for or not.

    Staff made calls about riders who cut the track or posted unrealistic times based on data.

    Now, if there was a problem ….. no one brought it to our attention and 6 days later on the internet will not solve anything.

    We will continue to make strides to make the event and timed practice better for the future. The riders deserve it.

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