Glam in the Dirt – A Day for the Ladies

March 4, 2015 (Wortham, Texas) – With 75% of the patrons in the sport of motocross being males, the James Stewart Freestone Spring Championship decided to give the other 25% something of their own.  Go tell your mom or wife that Freestone Raceway is hosting “Glam in the Dirt – A Day for the Ladies” and then watch her face.

We all know that the moto-Moms and moto-Wives are essential to the sport of motocross.  With the help of Freestone Raceway and some great vendors, the ladies of our sport (and the men as well) are invited to enjoy a day of relaxation.

There is all type of “special events” planned throughout the time at Freestone Raceway but offering “Glam in the Dirt” on Friday, March 20th will be one to remember.  It’s BYOC (Bring Your Own Cheese or Crackers) because Freestone is bringing two award-winning Texas winery’s, the Angelita Winery and Vineyard along with the Tara Winery and Vineyard offering wine tasting.  Wine night will be from 8pm, immediately after the awards ceremonies and fireworks celebration and go until the ladies decide to quit.

If that was not enough, local vendors will be at Freestone Raceway all day on Friday offering manicures, pedicures, massage therapy and many other Spa treatments by One Spirit Hair and Spa.  The night would not be complete without some music to highlight the evening.  Who would expect to go to a motocross track and get pampered?

One Spirit appointments are for Friday, March 20th from 9am until 4:30pm ….. and again from 8pm-10pm.  Make your call to (903) 389-6189 and reserve a time today.  One Spirit will be roaming around the Freestone pits on Thursday, March 19th to confirm your booking.  Below is the pricing for the Spa services that will be offered.  Wine tasting, wine by the glass and bottles will be offered at various pricing.

Treatments Cost Minutes
Spa Facial $50 60
Spa Pedicure (no instruments) $30 30
Spa Manicure (no instruments) $20 30
Reflexology $30 30
Crazy Wrap $25 45
Chair Massage $20 20
Spa Infusion (Foot or Hand) $30 30

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