“Hellion” The Movie in Theaters


Sundance breakout Josh Wiggins plays titular hellion in his first feature-film role with guest appearances by Shand Garcia and Camron Owens.

AUSTIN (Austin, TX) – IFC Films will release Kat Candler’s Hellion in limited theaters and on VOD on June 13th. Featuring a screenplay by Candler, the film stars Aaron Paul, Juliette Lewis and Josh Wiggins and was produced by Kelly Williams and Jonathan Duffy. HELLION had its world premiere at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

HELLION follows 13-year-old Jacob Wilson (Josh Wiggins in his feature film debut). Obsessed with heavy metal, dirt bike racing and partaking in the occasional act of vandalism with his band of delinquents, Jacob’s behavior has begun to raise concerns around town, especially when it starts to involve his younger brother Wes (newcomer Deke Garner). While the boys’ father Hollis (two-time Emmy Award-winner Aaron Paul) loves his sons, he is still reeling from the loss of their mother, spending more time drowning his sorrows at the local bar and working on his damaged beach house than being an active parent.

When the local authorities catch wind of the increasingly volatile situation, Wes is taken into custody and placed with his Aunt Pam (Academy Award nominee Juliette Lewis), leaving Jacob and Hollis to fend for themselves. In Wes’ absence, Jacob becomes increasingly obsessed with two things: winning a local motocross championship and getting his brother back.

Discovered on YouTube, Wiggins was among the most acclaimed actors at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Variety hailed Wiggins as delivering “a stunning breakthrough performance,” New York magazine highlighted him as one of their ‘Most-Talked About Sundance Performances’, and Entertainment Weekly declared him a “stunning breakout” and equated his performance to Leonardo DiCaprio’s in THIS BOY’S LIFE.

Shot at Cowboy Badlands in Beaumont Texas and a private track from MX racer Greg Nicholson, Hellion features several folks from the Texas motocross community. Regis Harrington who raced on the AMA professional tour from 1997-2001 served as stunt coordinator. He’s done motorcycle stunts for such films as The Dark Knight Rises, Charlie’s Angels 2, Transformers 2 and Need for Speed.

Camron Owens (15), who plays Roger one of the supporting characters in the film, was discovered at Freestone County Raceway last spring through a Texas wide search in the motocross community. He’d never acted before.

Other individuals involved include Brandee Payne-Meguess, Matt Thompson and Andrew Harrington who were stunt doubles and Shand Garcia who plays the race announcer.

HELLION was executive produced by Jeff Nichols (MUD), Sarah Green (THE TREE OF LIFE), Janice Beard, Tanner Beard, Suzanne Weinert, and co-executive produced by Aaron Paul. The film features a soundtrack of classics from heavy-metal heavyweights including Metallica, Toxic Holocaust and The Sword.



Regis Harrington is a MX veteran having ridden now for 30 years. The first time he raced an MX race he was only 6 years old. From 1997-2001 he raced on the AMA professional tour. In 2000 he raced for the factory KTM team. While still racing professionally, Regis got his first shot at doing professional stunts in feature films and television. When his racing career was stopped in 2001 due to numerous injuries, Regis decided to focus his skills in the stunt world.

After a few years of hustling and grinding his way into the feature film world and with a few feature films such as Charlie’s Angels 2 and Transformers 2 under his belt, Regis became a full time stuntman in 2010.

Since 2010 Regis has appeared in more than 55 feature films doing numerous stunts. Motorcycle stunts are still his specialty and he has appeared in movies such as “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises” and “Bourne legacy” riding on two wheels.

In 2013 Regis got a big career break and stunt coordinated his first film, “Hellion” starring Aaron Paul and Julliete Lewis. The movie, which hits theaters this June, reaches into the motocross world, something that Regis was more than comfortable coordinating.

Currently Regis Harrington is working on such films as Terminator 5, Fantastic 4 and has an action packed summer scheduled.

Regis is also the owner and operator of Covert Camera Bikes, with it’s flagship vehicle the “cycle cam”. A first of it’s kind 100% electric camera bike. Check out Covert Camera Bikes at www.covertcamerabikes.com

Regis Harrington

Camron Owens is making is feature film debut in HELLION. He has never taken any acting classes, his passion and obsession has been dirt bike racing and riding motor cross. Camron has raced in many races, and has come home with several first and second place trophies, as well as being a qualifier for Texas Region Grand National Championship where he came home with fifth place.

Camron lives in Bruceville-Eddy, Texas with his mom and dad and his dog Lucid. He is a freshman in high school. He enjoys riding his dirt bike, hunting, fishing, playing video games on his 
Xbox, loves driving his truck and going mudding. His family is his main support and he loves spending time with them and all of his friends.


***Check your local listings for specific details.
6/20 Los Angeles, CA, Arena Cinema (2-Week Run) – WITH SPECIAL GUESTS
6/20 Miami, FL, O’Cinemas Miami Shores
6/27 Austin, TX, Violet Crown – WITH SPECIAL GUESTS
6/27 Dallas, TX, Texas Theater (Weekend Run) – WITH SPECIAL GUESTS
6/27 Palm Desert, CA, Cinemas Palme D’Or
6/27 Scottsdale, AZ, Shea 14
7/2 Washington DC, West End Cinemas
7/4 to 7/6  Houston, TX, Sundance Cinemas – WITH SPECIAL GUESTS (On Sale Now)
7/4 Seattle, WA, Sundance Cinemas
7/4 San Francisco, CA, Roxie Theater – WITH SPECIAL GUESTS
7/4 Denver, CO, SIE Film Center
7/4 Detroit, MI, Cinema Detroit
7/11 New Orleans, LA, Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center
7/11 Ann Arbor, MI, Michigan Theater
7/11 Santa Fe, NM, CCA Cinemateque
7/13 Tallahassee, FL, Challenger Learning Center IMAX – WITH SPECIAL GUESTS
7/18 San Diego, CA Digital Gym Cinema
8/8 Jacksonville, FL, Sun-Ray Cinema – WITH SPECIAL GUESTS

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