#HoytStrong 2-Lap Dash for Cash

October 21, 2016 (Wortham, Texas) – There is no greater person that has displayed determination and a positive outlook in the Mot0 Masters than our own Gayle Hoyt.  As many here in the Vet racing community know, Gayle was injured at Village Creek on July 9th.  Mr. Hoyt’s WILL to not allow a wheelchair to slow him down as he has shown the unparalleled attitude of positive thinking.

In Gayle’s spirit, Freestone Raceway will be hosting a 2-Lap Dash for Cash supporting the Hoyt family.  The #HoytStrong 2-Lap Dash will be a race for any Moto Masters Vet racer to compete in.  This race is FREE and for FUN to anyone who wants to race.  There will be 50/50 tickets sold starting on Saturday morning up until the 1st Moto’s are complete.  The #HoytStrong 2-Lap Dash will be held between the 1st and 2nd moto’s.  Riders simply need to show up at the starting gates.

Bring an extra $5, $10 or whatever you can afford.  The rider who wins the 2-Lap Dash will receive 50% of the cash and the other 50% funds that are raised will go to Gayle & Susette Hoyt.  Since the series is made up of a bunch of racers that can go real fast for at least 2 laps, this should be a barn-burner that only Vet riders can ignite (Note: riders must be entered on Saturday in one regular Moto Masters class).

You can also support the Hoyt family by clicking on the #HoytStrong 588 number plate below and that will take you to a special #HoytStrong GoFunMe page.  We would be grateful if you would SHARE this information with your fellow Vet riding friends on Facebook.

Gates open today (Friday, October 21st) at 6pm for the finale of the 2nd Annual Moto Masters Suzuki Cup Series presented by Shock Sox.  Breakfast and lunch will be available on Saturday from BIG HAL’s so come hungry.  See you all tomorrow at Freestone Raceway!


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