Live Band – JS7 Spring Championship

January 27, 2017 (Wortham, Texas) – Another form of entertainment is being added at the 2017 JS7 Spring Championship. The Contagious is a Texas band made up from three teenagers. During the week of the 7th Annual James Stewart Freestone Spring Championship, The Contagious will bring their 90’s alternative rock original sound to stage.

The band is from Montgomery, Texas. The members include Mac Johnson- lead vocals and guitar, Cayden Diebold- bass and backing vocals and Jake Douglas- drums. The Contagious was established in 2011 when Jake and Mac were in 3rd grade. They performed together for the 1st time at JakeFest (NOV 2011), where they performed their original song “ONE DAY”. In January 2016, Cayden joined the band. All 3 are in 9th grade and handle AP classes along with their rehearsal schedules.

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