LL RC Schedule Posted

May 31, 2011 (Wortham, Texas) – The 30th Annual Loretta Lynn South Central Regional is coming this weekend to Freestone Raceway, June 3-5.

Less than one week after witnessing some of the greatest professional motocross racing that Texas has ever seen, it’s time to see some of the best amateur youth motocross racers make their bid to qualify for the Loretta Lynn National.

For more information about the weekend schedule, click here.

5 thoughts on “LL RC Schedule Posted

  1. So we have one moto per day? This sport cost so much how do they expect a working man to pay for his kid to race. Just a other way for greedy track owners to get our last dime, and an extra $10 per person and $10 for camping. O, don't for get $40!!!!!! Per class after paying for Mxsports. Over $150 for ONE race. In the last five years MX has gone down hill. Why couldn't I love nice quit walks in the woods, it would save me a bunch of money.

  2. The three moto format is ran in two days.

    If you knew what owning a track was like, you would invest your money in a different business. The return is not what you think with the overhead to host motocross events.

  3. I understand, but I have a private track for my son and can't believe how much it cost with not just money but time as well.. Yes I agree that it's expensive but think about the memories and dreams that you are fulfilling with your son. As far as the quiet walk in the woods, take it while at a track.. By the way great job to the staff at Freestone this weekend and to our local pros that was out there mixing it up…..

  4. The investment the Freestone track has made is for our enjoyment. And it's obvious it's not a small one. With a post like yours you have obviously not been there.

  5. I have to say I forgot about the 3 moto format. O yes Tony has put a lot of money into the track, but u know how much he made from the Nats? And don't forget amateur day. Maybe one day I can save up for a nice trailer and all the money to pay for big races. I'm just a working man that has been lucky to have blessing from God to afford what I can.

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