Loretta Lynn Regional Schedule Released

Wortham, Texas (May 9, 2014) – The weekend schedule is now published for the South Central Loretta Lynn AMA Regional Championship (LLRC) at Freestone Raceway on June 13th through the 15th.  For the first time since 2011, the Youth classes will compete on the pro national track in Wortham.

Track time is critical for the Regional Championship’s and since Freestone has not opened its gates since the James Stewart Spring Championship in March, Friday practice on June 13th will be valuable for each and every rider.  Gates will open for the LLRC on Thursday, June 12th at 4pm with registration opening at 6pm.

For those riders that do not get a guaranteed spot by qualifying at the Area Qualifiers, you can still attend the Regional as an “Alternate”.  As in most cases, the set number of riders do not attend regionals.  Pre-registration is open to you as well.  Unlike the Area Qualifiers, to confirm your guaranteed spot or “Alternate” status at the Regional Championship, riders must pre-register with MX Sports by the deadline of June 6th.  The pre-registration processing fee for each class is $40 and is separate from the gate admission and race entry fee the track will require.  If a rider does not pre-register, including riders with guaranteed positions, it will be assumed the rider is not attending the Regional Championship and the position will be filled with an Alternate.

Registration for the Loretta Lynn Regional Championship is open now.  The deadline for pre-registration is June 6th.  To get pre-registered, go to http://www.mxsports.com/pages/registration/regional-championship-registration.

After the Regional Championship, Freestone Raceway (pro national track) will only open one more time for the year on November 7-9 for the AMA Texas State Motocross Championship.

For the complete weekend schedule of the Regional Championship at Freestone Raceway, go to



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