Loretta Lynn’s AQ Early Registration

April 11, 2016 (Wortham, Texas) – Many riders come to Freestone Raceway during the AMA Texas Winter Series or the James Stewart Spring Championship but now the time has come to qualify for the 35th Annual Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s presented by Amsoil.  The Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier at Freestone Raceway is on April 23rd-24th.  Organized practice is offered on Friday, April 22nd.

Here is how the path works.  The “Area Qualifier” takes the TOP 8 in every class to a guaranteed spot however the trick is to get to the “area” race so even if you don’t get your guaranteed spot because of a bad moto, you can most likely still race the “Regional”.  How is that you ask?  Because each class takes up 64 riders at the Regional and since not every rider shows up at the Regional, you can get in.

There are exceptions that would not you allow you to participate but that rarely happens.  One would be that you are the 41st rider that causes a division.  In that case, you are not eligible to create a division as an alternate.  The other is even more rare in the South Central region and that is when all 64 riders show up that were guaranteed a spot.

As an amateur motocrosser, the experience in getting to the regional is almost as cool as going to the amateur national itself.  If you have even once considered racing at one of the most prestigious events in your life, this is the first step to accomplishing that goal.

Early registration is NOW OPEN until 11pm, Tuesday, April 19th.  Make sure you look over each days classes to find out which day you need to register.

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