Moto Masters Finally Set to Kicks Off

April 22, 2015 (Fort Worth, Texas) – The time is drawing near after Round 1 of the Moto Masters Suzuki Cup Series was postponed, “early registration” is NOW open for the series to kick off at Village Creek MX Park on Saturday, May 2nd.

Vet riders from around the Lone Star state will be competing in this year-long series designed for riders on modern bikes from ages 25 years and up.  One of the main ideas of the Moto Masters is to allow Vet riders time between rounds instead of cramming it all in two or three months.  Many times a vet riders has only one class to race in and must endure waiting for all the kid classes to fill the day.  Not with the Moto Masters program.

The next benefit to racers at the Moto Masters will be that they receive two full practice sessions the morning of each round.  With limited classes, this also means riders will be able to race and still leave earlier in the day.

You have from now until 11pm on Tuesday, April 28th to sign up early.

Moto Masters

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