Moto Masters Heads to Underground MX

In less than two weeks, the Moto Masters Suzuki Cup Series will have its second round in the books. Many riders at Round 1 spoke of how long it had been since they had raced last. It will be no surprise to hear that story repeated many more times at Round 2.

Early registration is now open until 11pm on Tuesday, June 16th for Round 2 of the Moto Masters Cup at Underground MX Park in Kemp, Texas. Randy Poulter is determined to give the Vet riders a track that suits everyone.

If you are one of many Vet’s that stopped racing years ago, here is your chance to get back on that horse with other Vet’s that have that same circumstance. Go find a friend that has a bike and borrow it for the weekend. Your body may hurt more than it has in a long time the day after you race, but you won’t regret racing the Moto Masters.

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