New AMA Rules for WMC Classification


April 30, 2013 (Wortham, Texas) – As the AMA Womens MX Cup meet approaches at Freestone Raceway on Memorial weekend, May 25th-27th, there is a new rule that is exciting to share with all the lady riders.

For years, many riders in the former association WMA (Womens Motocross Association) would lose they classification by racing in the basic classes because of the original AMA rule that once you move up, you could not move back down in classification.  At the 2012 AMA Congress meeting, delegates voted and passed a rule that now allows women riders to move up in the Women ranks without sacrificing riding in the basic classes back home.

The new rule reads, “Women racers may drop down one Classification when racing outside designated Women’s classes. (ie: Womens A rider can race 250B class).” 


– AMA Racing Rulebook, Motocross 1.1, Item B.7.e, Page 7 –


The AMA Womens Motocross Cup (WMC) is an annual event promoted by and hosted at Freestone Raceway and provides girls and ladies 21 different classes to chose from.  The WMC is a three moto format event and is in conjunction with the AMA Texas State Championship as to give the WMC riders more classes to compete in. اربح مال مجانا  Online registration for the Womens Cup begins on Monday, May 6th.  For more information, go to

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