New for 2012 Texas Night Series

December 9, 2011 (Wortham, Texas) – While it may be slow news this time of the year, much planning is going on.  For 2012, the 13th Annual Texas Night Series (North and South regions) offer some new and exciting items.

First change is the new classes.  The classes are much more open to riders with the new Collegeboy 16-24, Vet Amateur Open, Vet A Open and the all new 50cc Stock 4-8 allowing shifter 4 strokes in this entry level class.

The second “BIG” change is the all new points system.  After the SHOOTOUT in 2011, the riders (and their families) requested to look at a points system that was more fair for each region.  Riders will now earn one point for every position they compete against.  Example: 15 entries – 1st 15 pts, 2nd 14 pts, 3rd 13 pts, etc.  Additionally, first place will receive one bonus point for a moto win.

The other change about scoring points is that a rider will earn points for each moto, not for the overall of two moto’s as in all the years prior.  So in that same example above, if the rider gets first in both moto, they will earn 30 plus 2 bonus points totaling 32 points.  With scoring each moto, the five round series in the north and south just went to a 10 round series.

Round 5 for each series (North and South) will come to Freestone on Friday, May 25th for the Texas Night Series Shootout.  This round will be Double Points to match the series being scored together.

KTM will be returning with $17,550 in factory contingency.  KTM will be paying at all NINE rounds.  FMF and Tucker Rocky both return as title and presenting sponsors respectively along with a host of great companies supporting the series with overall contingency.

Speaking of contingency, in 2011 the series awarded through fifth overall.  This year the series will be awarding through 10th place overall.  A rider must simply compete in four of the five rounds (and must compete in last round) to receive overall awards.

Oh and last but not least ….. the Texas Night Series is rolling back fees to 2006 levels by offering $30 for all online entries at each round.

Of course, all this takes place during the Memorial Moto Mayhem weekend as Round 2 of the Lucas Oil AMA Motocross Championship takes center stage at Freestone on Saturday, May 26th.  A great special ticket offer to use as the “Stocking Stuffer” for Christmas is on now for the 6th Annual Freestone Pro National available by clicking HERE.

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