News: Texas Night Series Points

In an effort to make racing as fair as possible, the Texas Night Series took the steps to do just that.  Sometimes it doesn’t come out perfect but that doesn’t stop any promoter from trying.  Fortunately with the input of riders and their families, we all want the same thing.  Rules and classes that are clear and fair have been and remain the focus.

With that in mind, the Texas Night Series will now award the South and the North series separately.  At the last round, the Top 5 from each series will receive awards and contingency.  While round 5 will remain to count toward a rider’s points for the North and South series, the SHOOTOUT will be a stand alone “event” on May 25th and will award the Top 10 overall in each class.

Riders must still compete in at least 4 of 5 rounds and be present the last round to receive series awards and contingency.

While the new points system has been well received, it was becoming apparent that it was not fair to combine the points in the manner that was being done.  It simply shifted the issue from one group to another from last year to this year.

From Tony Miller and I, thank you for your input.  Please feel free to contact me direct at if you have any questions.



Tom Shields

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