Night Racing Returns Brighter than EVER!!!

Wortham, Texas (February 9, 2011) – It’s hard to think about racing at night when it’s snowing 50 north of Freestone right now but the Texas Night Series is just around the corner.  One thing about Texas weather is we all know it’s hot in Texas (just not today).

The 12th Annual FMF Texas Night Series is much more than just a night race anymore.  In 2011, the series will now be combined to a North verses South, Texas style SHOOTOUT, with Round 5 culminating at Freestone County Raceway on Memorial weekend (the AMA Pro National weekend).

Highlighting the series, Tucker Rocky (TR) has returned for its second year as presenting sponsor.  TR brings a host of contingency from MSR, Answer & Pro TaperFMF has also renewed its agreement to support the series and is the title sponsor for the 7th year in a row.  As most know, Freestone amateur facility lighting is like no other in the United States.  Additionally, Freestone’s track is longer than most all night tracks and gives great racing and track time from the beginner to expert.

New classes for 2011 will also greet the riders with new competition.  Go to the home page and click on Racing – Series – Texas Night Series for more information.  Good luck and we will see you under the lights for Round 1, April 9th at Freestone in the north and Cowboy Badlands in the south.

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