PARKING ALERT: Early Arrivals before Monday

March 11, 2016 (Wortham, Texas) – We know many of you are looking for a place to park.  We can park some of you over at the amateur night track until its time to move in on Monday but that does not guarantee you a spot up front at the national track.  Here are some hots spots to park.


  • Downtown Wortham has a Car Show on Saturday and Sunday, March 12th and 13th.  The City of Wortham will allow you to park on the streets in and around the 1871 town.

Mexia – Pronounced (Ma-hey-ah):

  • The local WalMart is always home to several riders and their families.  Go by the Chicken Shack where Anna Nicole Smith worked.


  • The town is 22 miles north of the track on I-45.  The local Gander Mountain is the largest place for RV’s to park.  Within that finch station parking lot there is a movie theater there, a Home Depot, Collin Street Bakery (home of the Fruitcake), Chili’s, Applebees, WhataBurger (Texas franchise) and some other local businesses.


  • Please make sure you fill up your water in your RV.  Water will be available later after you arrive but PLEASE arrive full so we don’t leave our neighbors down stream without water in their houses.  Also, no power washing is permitted in your pit.  You may power was your bikes at the 80 different stations around the facility.


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