Results Finalized North & South

Finally …….. the corrected results are posted for the overalls in the FMF North and South Texas Night Series.  We sincerely apologize for the delays.  Due to limited internet access at Freestone for the last two weeks and the staff not leaving until after the regional, it became painfully obvious we could not get the corrected information posted within a reasonable period.

The North series points as posted were correct and the majority of the South series was correct on Friday, May 25th.  We later found that riders names were off by one letter, they were Jr … not Sr, etc. and when this happens, the software will score the same rider twice.  It is our job and yours to check series points to insure this does not occur.  If John Q Smith is written on the registration form at one race but his next race he writes on his registration form as John Smith, the software will not know the difference and view the two names as two different riders.  When it comes time for a series to use the filter of how many rounds a rider must attend, then a riders name may not show up at all.

Now that the results are final, the series points will post all the riders who competed.  However, keep in mind that the series awards the riders that attended 4 of 5 rounds and the final round.  The series drops riders that did not attend those rounds and move everyone else up.

The South region has the bragging rights for 2012 as they won 12-10 against the riders that were in the series.  Congratulation to all of you and look for new things to come to the series in 2013.  Much like everything we do at Freestone, we aim to correct errors in the future.  Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding.

Click HERE for see results.

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