Night Series Classes Announced

Monday, February 10, 2014 (Houston, Texas) – In an effort to lesson the confusion to racers between promoters, the Texas Motocross Group (TMG) is proud to announce the unity of classes for the major night series in Texas.  Under this new class structure the promoters of the North Texas Dealers Series, the Full Moon Series, the Main Event Series, the North Texas Night Series, the South Texas Night Series and the Texas Night Series Shootout will all follow the same class structure.

Several classes are new for 2014 starting with the youngest of riders in the 50cc Air-Cooled class.  The air-cooled distinction will allow the entry level riders to participate without having a great power disadvantage to compete against.  The 51cc Limited 6-7 age group is the newest age group offered for the 51cc riders.  All the series will also offer four (4) Beginner classes starting with 65-85cc bikes.  Beginner riders that own 250cc bikes will be able to compete in two different classes with their own level.  The all new Novice age group classes will introduce riders to a more competitive age starting with the 250 C 12-16 and the 250 C 17+.  Vet riders that own 250cc bikes will have the 250 C 17+ without having to compete with the youngest of “C” riders.

To further the effort in having the same rules, the promoters of these series/events sought to define a “Beginner” or “D”.  Beginner is defined as a Rider that has only competed in any motorcycle race event within one year (or less) to the date prior to the start of a series or event. Exception: If a rider has raced less than 5 times in more than one year, that rider may be eligible for Beginner class.

In all, five of the six series/events will be AMA sanctioned.  For more information on Texas motocross race calendar, go to

Here are the classes:

    1. 50cc Limited Air-Cooled 4-8
    2. 51cc Limited 4-6
    3. 51cc Limited 6-7
    4. 51cc Limited 7-8
    5. 51cc Limited 4-8
    6. 65cc 7-9
    7. 65cc 10-11
    8. 65cc 7-11
    9. Beginner 65-85 7-11
    10. 85cc 9-11
    11. 85cc 9-13
    12. Beginner Mini Sr 12-16
    13. Mini Sr 12-15
    14. Supermini 12-16
    15. Girls Mini Sr
    16. Womens 12+
    17. Schoolboy 12-16
    18. Collegeboy 16-24
    19. Beginner 125-250
    20. Beginner 250-450
    21. 250 C 12-16
    22. 250 C 17+
    23. 250 B
    24. 250 A
    25. 450 C
    26. 450 B
    27. 450 A
    28. Vet 25+ Amateur
    29. Vet 35+
    30. Vet 40+ C/D
    31. Vet 45+
    32. Vet A

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