Update: JSSC Online Registration Dealine

February 20, 2012 (Wortham, Texas) – Online registration is open through today, Monday, February 20th at 8pm CST for the James Stewart AMA Spring Championship at Freestone Raceway in Wortham, Texas.

Live webcasting will begin on Monday, February 27th at 7pm for the first of each evenings round table discussions giving a preview of this years amateur racing.  On Tuesday, each class will be gunning for their best O-Lap during Timed Practice to get their first moto gate pick.  That same evening, the awards for the fastest lap time for each class will be awarded their $700 trophy ….. an Oakley Holeshot watch.  Then on Wednesday, listen in Live as the race action will be called from the tower as announcers, Wes Kain, JP Parsons and Tom Shields give you play by play action along with interviews of the riders and industry insiders.

Go to www.FreestoneMX.com now.  Online entry fee is $80 per class ($100/class at the track).

The schedule for the weekend is as followed:
Saturday          (February 25, 2012)

  • 9:00am                 Early Staging (Night Track Pits) – Free
    • Gate C (Note: No Hookups)

Sunday            (February 26, 2012)

  • 9:00am – 6:00pm   Gate Hours (Vendor Move-In)

Monday            (February 27, 2012)

  • 6:00am – 11:00pm Gate Hours – Racer Move-In
  • 7:30am – 9:00pm   Transponder Rental – eScore Rig

Note: 1. You must first pick up transponder before coming to registration.

Note: 2. If you already own a transponder, go straight to registration.

  • 8:00am – 12:00pm Registration Hours – Pro Tower
  • 1:00pm – 9:00pm   Registration Hours – Pro Tower
  • 4:00pm – 6:00pm   Track Walk
  • 6:00pm                   Mandatory Riders/Crew Meeting
  • 7:00pm                   Welcome Dinner

Tuesday           (February 28, 2012)

  • 6:00am – 11:00pm Gate Hours
  • 6:30am – 9:00am   Registration Hours – Pro Tower
  • 8:00am –                  Timed Practice

Wednesday      (Feb 29) – Sat (March 3)

  • 6:00am – 11:00pm Gate Hours
  • 7:00am                   Site Lap (all)
  • 7:55am                   Opening Ceremonies (02/29/12)

NOTE: 1st Moto Gate Pick determined by Timed Practice.

Classes include (all classes are Mod unless Specified):

50cc Stock 4-8 (CRF,TTR,P3,KDX,KTM-MA,JR,PW); 51cc Stock 4-6; 51cc Stock 7-8; 51cc Stock 4-8 Open;

65cc 7-9 Stock; 65cc 7-9 Mod; 65cc 10-12 Stock; 65cc 10-12 Mod; 65cc 7-12 Open;

85cc 9-11 Stock; 85cc 9-11 Mod; 85cc 9-13 Open; 85cc 12-14 Stock; 85cc 12-14 Mod; 85/150cc 12-15 Stock;

85/150cc 12-15 Mod; Supermini 1 12-15; Supermini 2 13-16;

Girls Jr 7-13; Girls Sr 12-16; Womens Am 12+;

Schoolboy 1 12-16; Schoolboy 2 13-16; Collegeboy 16-24

250 C Stock; 250 C Mod; 250 B Stock; 250 B Mod; 250 A;

250 Amateur Open; 250 A/Pro Sport;

450 C Stock; 450 C Mod; 450 B Stock; 450 B Mod;

450 A; 450 Amateur Open; 450 A/Pro Sport;

25+ C/D; 25+ B; 25+ A;

30+ C/D; 30+ B; 30+ A;


40+ C/D; 40+ A/B



Note: See Class Structure page for specific rules for each class.


  • $50 Gate Pass (Full Event Admission/person) 65 and Up (Half Price) Under 4 Free (Cash Only)
  • $80 Online Race Entry Fee per class (except below)
  • $100 Post Race Entry (All Classes)
  • $50 Camping Permit (one-time fee)

Note: (1) No Gate Fee for that day if arriving after 3pm.

All minors attending this event without parents must come with a notarized statement from parents or legal guardian giving permission for another adult to act as guardian to sign releases. See website for example under Minors Consent Tab.

Online Sign Up, US Mail or Registration at Track:

1. Online Sign Up is open from Monday, December 5, 2011 through Monday, February 20, 2012 (8:00pm).

Link: https://secure.tracksideonlineresults.com/freestone/

2. Online Pre-Registration gives you the option to pay by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express while online.

3. Before going to tower to finalize registration on race week, you MUST go to eScore to receive transponder first.

4. Registration (race weekend) accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express or cash only.  No checks.

5. To “finalize” race entry, Pre-Entry riders (to include parent/guardian if rider is a minor) MUST check in at Registration (Scoring Tower) to sign releases.

6. All Pre-Entries customers must report in Pre-Entry line at Scoring Tower.

7. ALL RIDERS must be present at registration.

8. Riders MUST bring last 4 of VIN of every bike competing on when registering.

9. US Mail form can be found at www.FreestoneMX.com and must be filled out and received by the Monday, Feb 20, 2012.

Other Information:

  • No RV Hook-Ups (Black/Grey Water Service Available)
  • Age Effective: January 1, 2012 (except below)
  • Age Effective: February 28, 2012 (VET classes, Collegeboy 16-24 and Womens Am 12+).
  • Bike Wash Available.
  • Freestone Radio Broadcast 88.3 FM.
  • Pets allowed with leash only.
  • No Pit Bike or ATV riding.
  • Permitted Pit Vehicles include:
  • o         Golf Carts & Side x Side – MUST have Valid Drivers License (DL) to operate vehicle.
  • o         Scooter and Bicycles (Helmet Required)
  • o         All Permitted Pit Vehicles must be parked for the night at 10:00pm until 6:00am.
  • o         All Pit Vehicles must not exceed passenger limits.

Event Information:

  • This is a recognized AMA Sanctioned Event
  • AMA Membership Required ($39 Annual)
  • Membership available at track or online at www.AMA-Cycle.org
  •  Purse 1st -10th (or 50% of Field if less than 20 Entry’s) 250 A; 250 Pro Sport; 450 A; 450 Pro Sport; 25+ A; 30+ A (Supplemental Item #16).
  • This event is an AMA Pro Sport event.
  • 2 Moto Format (Divisions if necessary).
  • Awards for Amateur Classes 1st-10th
  • Awards for Pro/Expert Classes 1st-3rd
  • 40+ A/B is a Trophy only class.
  • Number Plate Colors (Supplemental #3)
  • Transponder Fee (Supplemental Item #9)

Track Info:

Track:  (713) 962-3386

Web:       www.FreestoneMX.com

Email:      Tony@FreestoneMX.com




From I-45, Exit #213.  Go West 6 miles and look for CR995.  Follow the MX signs.

Hotel Headquarters:

Best Western – Mexia (254) 562-0200

Promo Code: freestonemx

Click on “Lodging” at www.FreestoneMX.com for additional listings.

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