Update: Texas Night Series Date Changes

March 28, 2014 (Wortham, Texas) – In an effort to take advise from the other track owners as a group, the FMF North and South Texas Night Series dates have moved from their original dates released in order to support the local growth of Loretta Lynn’s area qualifiers and Diamond Don’s Vintage event.

The North series started back in 1999 with the South series beginning in 2006.  The biggest change for 2014 is sanctioning the series under the AMA umbrella for the first time.  This will give racing a solid rulebook and Class Structure to follow and live by.  The new classes offer growth in the 51cc classes with new age groups along with new Beginner classes.  Additionally, the all NEW 250 age group classes exploded in the AMA Texas Winter Series and brought new growth by having closer ages in the 250 C 12-16 and 250 C 17+.  The 250C 17+ offers Vet riders who own 250cc bikes to not have to ride against the younger kids but still have some youth to push them.  Finally the Vet classes are all new.  This effort gives each of the four major night series in Texas the same classes and rules to follow under the AMA rulebook.

Also in 2014, Freestone removed itself from the North series to make room for River Valley and to welcome Buffalo Creek back.  Now the South riders will not be at a disadvantage during the North-vs-South Invitational SHOOTOUT at Freestone County Raceway on June 21st.  The Top 20 in points from each series will be seeded for the Invitational SHOOTOUT regardless of how many rounds they attend.  Overall contingency and awards for the series does however still require a minimum of 4 of 5 rounds for all amateur classes.

Another great addition to 2014 was having American Honda recognizing night racing in Texas and placing factory contingency on the SHOOTOUT.  Honda joins the Orange Brigade of KTM USA in support night racers in Texas.  If you have not registered your motorcycle with the OEM’s, please go to the Contingency page on the Freestone website.

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The new dates are as described:


Rd 1 – April 12 – Village Creek MX Park

Rd 2 – April 26 – Paris MX

Rd 3 – May 10 – Badlands MX Park

Rd 4 – May 31 – Buffalo Creek MX Park

Rd 5 – June 7 – River Valley MX

Shootout – June 21 – Freestone County Raceway


Rd 1 – April 26 – Cowboy Badlands Sports Park

Rd 2 – May 10 – Cycle Ranch MX Park

Rd 3 – May 17 – Ultimate MotoX

Rd 4 – May 31 – Rio Bravo MX Park

Rd 5 – June 7 – Three Palms Sports Park

Shootout – June 21 – Freestone County Raceway

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