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Wortham, Texas – Recognizing that riders like yourself and your families come from a long distance to race in the AMA Texas Winter Series; we felt it necessary for us to update you now about what we are doing and have done in the past to prevent any delay in hosting Round 1 of the series.

As most of you know, the forecast is for some rain coming through the central part of Texas on Wednesday and a slight chance on Friday (nothing new about Texas winter).  The track is sealed and will remain sealed until we are clear of any rain that may come through on Friday.  We don’t want to make it a mud bath for the mini’s on Saturday so we are not digging the track at all.  The ranch is very dry right now.

Additionally, our pro pit area is made up of crushed rock so we can park anyone with any size hauler.  As a pro national track, we do not have the luxury of cancelling a race so our facility is equipped to handle most any condition.

The forecast for the weekend is perfect so don’t be surprised when you see us having to water the track on Saturday.  However, we would rather have a dusty track because we didn’t get enough rain than to make a soup bowl because we over-prepped.  As a side note:  In the history of the Texas Winter Series, the first round has always been at Freestone and we have never cancelled or even postponed the opening round.  We know our dirt.

We look forward to seeing you.  Safe travels to all.

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  1. Great news from Wortham today. The 70% chance of rain produce nothing at Freestone today. Everything south of Madisonville, Texas received allot of rain today including the Houston/Conroe/ Galveston metro area.

  2. As of Friday at 1pm, we have missed any rainfall at Freestone. We are prepping the track for Mini's now.

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