9 thoughts on “50cc Raw Spring Championship

  1. What an awesome event, great people, great pits, track prep was crazy awesome, promoters worked hard to make it great, the practice time gate pic was professional and worked awesome, and the real time lap times integrated with the audio of the announcer was super cool for all the friends and fans at home. Had a lot of fun, will make the long journey from Oregon next year.

  2. Mike, it was great meeting you and Mad Max. Don't wait until next year. The next time you're in Texas, stop by and just say hello.

  3. Are the women pros racing on saturday or sunday at the national this year? If we are racing the night series on friday, do we go directly to our campsite for the weekend or do we go the night track and then our camping site?

  4. The WMX Pro’s will race on Saturday again. However, the WMA is a full class structure for the girls and women and will race during amateur day.

  5. I see where to purchase camping passes for Sat & Sun for the national, but what about Friday? We are racing the night series on Friday.

  6. WMX is Womens Pro class ran by MX Sports. The WMA (Womens Motocross Association) was originally the WMA Cup that was a Cycle Ranch each year and is now at Freestone.

  7. I see where to purchase camping for the national on Sat. & Sun. night, but what about Fri. night? We are racing the night series race on Fri.

  8. The camping fee is good all weekend. However, once the racing is done, all campers that race Friday night must move to the national camping area (south field from the national track). I will look at the instructions and make sure that is stated clearly.

    Thanks for asking. -T

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