Ride With JS7 30+2 Moto 2

See Ryan Dungey rear tire get under Mike Alessi bike out of the first turn; see how consistent James Stewart’s lines are on the track; hear the urgency in James’ voice as Ryan Dungey lays on the pressure in the closing laps; listen as James yells at the lappers (after 33:00) while dealing the KTM on his rear fender; watch RD5 pass James in the closing laps and see how quickly JS7 reacts; and listen to the Texas crowd cheer these two riders around the track.

The word of the day is “HEYYYYY”.

2 thoughts on “Ride With JS7 30+2 Moto 2

  1. Yep, I'm predicting a 24-0 season for Stew, but this is 'real good' for Dungey! Dungey must have been BUST'N HIS CRACK to ride like that!! He's giving Stew a Carmichael run!! So we'll have to see…

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