State Championship Video

Nolan MacDonald from Relentless Moto shot some video from the 10th Annnual Motorex Oils AMA Texas State Championship presented by 100%.

One thought on “State Championship Video

  1. Wow sure do miss going to the track an watching 977 Schuler an Smith race, Thomas grandpa an I went to tnn to watch them racr an to Vegas at the MGM, an every time I was in Texas at Jeannie I was always at the travel to watch my grandson no 977, it's so hard when we set an talk an you can still see that sparkle in Thomas 's eyes when he talks about all the great times , an how much he wants to race again,what really is hard he say very few people come to see hi, any more.he still has his long term memory an still remember the good times, he has not change just lost his short terme memory . But he is still the Thomas you all knew, he asked me the last time I was out to see him grams do you think I'll ever be able to ride again. I said that was up tp him am god , I could not tell hom no . I also told him there is always hope . How he is walking real good with his an working out , so please keep 977Schuler in your prayers, r
    As he has never forgotten you all.
    Thomas. Schuler 977. Grams. Who love this grandson an is ver proud of him an his mom , she has gotten him a long way , she has been the best mom an nurse anyone could ask for .

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