Freestone County Raceway (Amateur Track) and Freestone Raceway (National Track) do not conduct open practice days on a regular basis.  On special occasions, Freestone will host practice days that coincide with a motocross race weekend.  If a practice is scheduled, we will advise on this page.  For Race Events or Series, go to the “Events” page for info.

Go to for a listing of Texas tracks that offer open practice.  Thank you for your support of motocross in Texas and Freestone MX.


Date Day Track
Fri December 30 Practice Day (Organized) A
Tue March 21 Practice Day (Organized) A
Fri June 16 Practice Day (Organized) A



A – Freestone Raceway (National Track)

B – Freestone County Raceway (Amateur/Night Track)

C – Off Road Course

D – Vintage/Grass Track

E – Supercross/Arenacross Track

F – Human Obstacle Course