20th Annual FMF Texas Night Series

The 20th Annual FMF Texas Night Series kicks off April 6th at Freestone Raceway. This year we are bringing back the North and South Series with round 1 and 4 being a double header. مواقع المراهنات العالمية Round 2, and 3 of the South will go to 3 Palms MX and Freedom Mx. Round 2, and 3 of the North will go to Village Creek MX Park and Badlands MX Park.

The 51cc classes are eligible to win a Cobra CX50 SR motorcycle by racing the 51cc 4-8 class. Racers that enter either the 51cc 4-6, or 51cc 6-8 get to enter the 51cc 4-8 class for FREE! Those entries only will be entered in the random drawing that will take place at the final round June 1st at Freestone Raceway. طريقه لعب البوكر We are excited for this opportunity to give away a bike to one lucky racer! لعبة poker

2019 FMF Texas Night Series

Rd 1 North – April 13- Village Creek MX Park

Rd 1 South – April 13 – 3 Palms Mx

Rd 2 North/South – April 27 – Freestone Raceway

Rd 3 North – May 18 – Badlands MX Park

Rd 3 South – May 18 – Freedom Mx

Rd 4 North/South – June 1 – Freestone Raceway

RAIN DATE: the Sunday following any date that is cancelled unless announced otherwise.

Class Structure


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