Live Webcast For Texas State Championship

Live Webcast from Freestone

November 4, 2011 (Wortham, Texas) – Don’t forget to check in to for LIVE Webcasting this weekend (Sat, November 5th and Sun, November 6th) as the AMA Texas State Championship commenses at Freestone Raceway.

Each days racing and broadcast will begin at 9:00am so check in often.  If you are not at a computer but own an iPhone, go to the App Store and download the FREE iPhone App for Freestone.  Just search “Freestone MX” and listen via LIVE Steaming from your mobile device. لعبة على الانترنت

19 thoughts on “Live Webcast For Texas State Championship


  2. I'll a Grandma in Ohio and for some reason I am unable to get race results. Website does not work for me.

  3. Announcer only talks about top 3-4 in each class…very frustrating when the best battles are for the last qualifying position…bring back live timins, where we can all see what we want to know…

  4. what are the overalls then? For those who make it to lorettas??? in the 86cc Mod 9-11 please

  5. The person doing webcast needs to give more information during the race!!! It's ridiculous when he only talks about the riders in first and second. My nephew got 3rd in a moto and I didn't even know it till the race was over. He needs to let everyone know where each rider is! Listeners can't see the race so tell people who are in the top ten positions. Or at the very least the top six!!! On one of the 85cc races he never said who placed what.. I love the thought of the webcast but give the job to someone who knows how to announce races. And why don't they have live results?? At least then I know whats happening..

  6. Now the link to the webcast isn't showing up anymore.. Please try and fix this so we can hear what is happening

  7. SUPER SUPER disappointed about the webcast and the fact we could not see the lives results due to "internet service" issues……….

  8. scarlett, i couldn't find it on freestone page. so, go to VITALMX AND CLICK ON THE "LIVE WEBCAST" IN BLUE, NOW CLICK ON THE "LIVE WEBCAST" on the Freestone page. hope this works for you, it did for me!

  9. I agree 100%, great idea, but announcer was all but informative….Bring back live timing!!!

  10. live timing has nothing to do with us. if a transponder company offers the service we provide the links and do what we can. they werent prepared for the live timing of the results and laptimes. FYI. regionals are totally a different ball game. we dont event create the race order.

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