Update: Weather Report for Rd 4 (North & South)

Friday, May 30, 2014 – The rain that hit Texas earlier this week was well needed but now it’s time to go racing.  Thus far, Buffalo Creek and Rio Bravo are on schedule.  Gates will open officially at 2pm for both the North and South Texas Night Series on Saturday.

The all-knowing weather forecasters predicted rains in Texas all week long and by mid day Wednesday, all the rains were gone.  Now those same forecasters are predicting armageddon in the Houston metro area for Friday night and Saturday.  At 9am tomorrow morning (Saturday, May 31), we will have another update right here so stay tuned.

Not every rider is in the Top 20 in points any longer.  For those wanting to slide in, you may need to check the points.  Go to http://www.tracksideresults.com/freestone/ to verify.

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