Facebook Connect With FreestoneMx!

You know how you see on websites when people post it has a little Gravatar, picture? Well you can either go setup your picture with the Gravatar service for that to work on all sites you may comment on like www.Freestonemx.com, www.Transworldmx.com etc…. Not forums – but any publication site or blogger based site uses the Gravatar service.

Whats more important is that you can display your latest Facebook Profile picture automatically with the Facebook Connect commenting option! So keep your look consistent since the majority of people use Facebook today. And when you comment people will know who you are. Another thing you will see is the option to post to your profile that you commented on the site. That way if people are discussing some important information it may point it out to others in the community and help answer questions for others!

Hope you all enjoy –

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