2020 Events at Freestone

Date Event Track
Dec 27-29 2019 AMA Texas Winter Series (Rd 1) A
February 15-16 AMA Texas Winter Series (Rd 5) A
March 16-21 AMA Spring Championship A
TBA AMA Texas Night Series (Rd 1 North/South) B
TBA AMA Texas Night Series (Rd 4 North/South) B
June 19-21 Loretta Lynn VET Regional A
July 25 AMA Full Moon Series (Rd 2) B
July 25 Moto Masters B
Oct 10 Practice on the National Track 8:30am-4:30pm A
Oct 24-25 The Inaugural Tony Miller Memorial Race A

A – Freestone Raceway (National Track)

B – Freestone County Raceway (Amateur/Night Track)

C – Off Road Course

D – Vintage/Grass Track

E – Supercross/Arena Track

F – Human Obstacle Course