Riders List Eligible for Overalls #TNS16

June 6, 2016 (Wortham, Texas) – Battles are still occurring throughout most of the classes in the 17th Annual FMF Texas Night Series.  The series awards riders through 7th overall.  Riders are dropped in the points if they do not compete in 4 of 6 rounds.  This moves others up in the standings.  With 4 points-paying motos remaining, 100 points is still available.  With rounds 5 and 6 coming up fast, Sunday, June 12th is the new date for River Valley.  With the finale on Saturday, June 18th at Freestone County Raceway, who is going to be in the Top 7 overall?

With four rounds behind us, it’s time to review the points as they stand.  For those riders that have attended at least two rounds up to now, they are shown to be eligible.  Below are the list of riders that have raced two or more rounds.

Overall Series Awards Eligible Riders

  • 50cc Limited AC 4-8

There are five riders all battling it out.  Alexander Camm, Zoe Moore and Jack Thomas are all bidding for the top spot but no one has been able to knock Camm off the top step thus far.  Jackson Vick and Hayden Stephens are in their own battle for 4th and 5th respectively.

  • 51cc Limited 4-6

This might be the most competitive class of the entire series.  The top 3 are separated by one point after 8 motos scored.  Camm is tied with Ty Simmons with 144 points however Joseph Haynie sits in 3rd overall with 143 points.  It’s only anyone’s guess how will pull this one out.  From 4th through 8th overall, any of these riders could make a jump up in points.  Watch for Ryan Helle, Marshall Smith, Jackson Vick, Landen Walters and Beau Pierson to duke it out.

  • 51cc Limited 6-7

Cayden Johnston leads Blake Lisby by a mere 16 points and with 100 points still up for grabs, Johnston needs to keep his streak of four overall wins going.  Ty Simmons is secure in 3rd right now but a battle is occurring between Landen Walters and Beau Pierson for 4th and 5th.

  • 51cc Limited 4-8

Another tight race is being waged in the Open class.  Blake Lisby leads with four straight podiums as a hungry field of riders are on his boot heals.  Draven Spencer is in command of the 7-8 class however he finds himself chasing the consistent Lisby.  Lurking in 3rd after four rounds is Joseph Haynie.  Alex Camm and Beau Pierson is locked in another tight race as they sit in 4th and 5th respectively.

  • 65cc 7-9

Ty Crunk has only lost one overall moto.  Crunk leads a stacked field of riders including his own neighbor AJ Wright.  Wright cannot relax as a host of 6 other riders are within 55 points of each other.  Bradford Ladue will not be able to rest with Rhett Hicks and Max Caldwell only 3 points behind Ladue.  Nate Batten, Jack Thomas, and Ethan Bard can all move up quickly with a great effort at River Valley and Freestone.

  • 65cc 10-11

The elder class of 65cc riders are only separated by 52 points from 1st through 6th overall and 7th and 8th are not that far back from 6th.  Cashton Selby broke out at Badlands with his first overall of the series and took the points lead with 152 points.  Dakota Baker is uncomfortably sitting in 2nd right now with Zachary Atlas 3rd, Sam Starkey 6 points back of Starkey and Tanner Laroux coming up quickly with a 2nd place finish at the last round.  Collin Allen, Gage Blocker and Broc Bristol could all step back in the series to play spoiler for the entire field.

  • 65cc 7-11

It would appear Ty Crunk has the Open class in hand but after that it’s anybody’s guess.  Bradford Ladue, AJ Wright, Broc Bristol and Ethan Bard would all leap-frog Collin Allen and Gage Blocker if the two decide to sit out.  Here is the points from 2nd through 7th; Allen (97), Blocker (94), Ladue (93), Wright (88), Bristol (76), and Bard (68).

  • Beginner 65-85 7-11

Cashton Selby has shown great potential in his first year of racing by leading the points in the Beginner and age group classes.  That takes nothing away from an impressive field of Beginners.  Sam Starkey is pushing to get up to challenge Selby with a podium finish at the last round while Rhett Hicks could knock either of them off.  Brody Fry, Jack Thomas and Max Caldwell are all in the hunt as well.  We all know how exciting it is to watch the Beginner class so watch for some bar banging the last two rounds.

  • 85cc Classes (9-11), (9-12), (9-13)

It is Brock Walker with the commanding lead in all three classes.  Out of 12 overalls, Walker has been on the podium 10 times.  In the 85cc 9-11 class, Blaine Murphy holds down 2nd overall ahead of Christopher Petrie.  Gage Blocker and Collin Allen could step in to disrupt the final standings.  The 85cc 9-12 class is almost a carbon copy with Walker leading.  Henry Wright sits quietly in 2nd after four rounds.  Petrie, Allen and Daniel Milburn can all still make a move up in the standings.  With Walker almost assured a third overall, Logan Bard and Petrie are in a battle for 2nd overall.  Milburn is lurking in 4th.

  • Beginner Mini Sr 12-16

Jackson Zuck has a tight grip on the top spot thus far but one hiccup and Jarrett Fenley will be there to pounce.  Garret Lann is only 36 points back of Fenley so no one is guaranteed a spot yet.

  • Mini Sr 12-15

Tied at 125 points a piece, who knows who will emerge.  It will be fun watching Henry Wright and Terry Bohanon go at it.

  • Supermini 12-16 & Girls Open

Terry Bohanon is the sole rider with control of the class.  All he has to do now is be at the last round and its his.  The same can be said for Lauren Caldwell.

  • Womens Open

The ladies class is strong in Texas.  Courtney Moore holds the points lead however Brittani Clinard could spoil a class championship.  Look for these two to go after it at the last two rounds.

  • Schoolboy 12-16

Josh Lippard sits a top the standings with podiums in three of four rounds.  Dalton Anderson and Ethan Mann along with Austin Roberts and James Hampton are all capable in putting it on the top of the box.

  • Collegeboy 16-24

Zachary Stewart is in control of his own future.  Stewart has not finished worse than 2nd overall thus far.  The race for 2nd is another story.  Matthew Proctor, Blake Howle and Dalton Henzler are only separated by 10 points.

  • Beginner Open

Seven riders are still in it for overalls yet the top spot is not decided.  Quintin Walker and Wade Smith are the two duking it out for top honors.  Hometown Wortham rider Wade Smith has been improving every round but if James Rellinger jumps back in the series, Rellinger is the rider who could spoil the fun.  Frank McClellam holds 4th overall down, only 10 points behind Rellinger.

  • 250 C 12-16

This class has only been around for 3 years and has helped improve Novice riders competition level.  Case in point; Josh Lippard leads a pack of eight riders all bidding to claw their way up.  Lippard leads by 2 points over Klayton Reeves.  If not for a bad Round 1, Dylan Baker would be closer.  From 4th to 7th, these four riders are separated by 15 points.  Dalton Anderson, Gavin Gray, James Hampton and Austin Roberts are all in the hunt.

  • 250 C

The 250 C class allows all the Novice riders to come together but oddly enough very few if any of the 250 C 12-16 riders chose to race the 250 Novice open class.  Brendon Gray holds a 16 point lead over Dustin Miller.  Gray has won twice and Miller has one overall win against Gray.  Both have swapped positions the last two rounds so there is no telling what could happen.  Cameron Crump is secure in 3rd however the fight for 4th is tight.  Kyler Hawkey, Matthew Proctor and Kennedi Cuevas are all within 15 point of one another.

  • 250 B

Its pretty simply.  Ethan Mann or Dalton Henzler will be the class champion.  Only 5 points separate the two so its jump ball.

  • 450 C

Brendon Gray leads the pack having placed himself on the podium at all four rounds but it’s not over until the checkered flag falls at Freestone on June 18th.  Zachary Stewart sits 2 points in front of 3rd overall, Klayton Reeves.  Reeves beat Stewart at the first two rounds but Stewart has been improving since.  Kennedi Cuevas and Wesley Yandell are in another battle for 4th as the pair are also separated by 2 points.

  • Vet 25+ Amateur

Geronimo Gierisch (aka: GG) is showing the way and top the points in a few classes.  Waylon Gierisch missed Badlands or else the two would be virtually tied.  If Michael Puyear jumps into the results, he too could upset GG’s rein.

  • Vet 30+ C/D

Michael Puyear is up by 32 points on Jeff Vick however Vick has won the last two overalls.  Puyear beat Vick at round 1 and with the final round headed back to Freestone, will Puyear pull it out?  Geronimo and Waylon Gierisch are holding down 3rd and 4th overall with Cliff Thomas and Frank McClellam solidly in 5th and 6th respectively.

  • Vet 35+

Let’s just say Waylon Giersch has got this one in the bag!

  • Vet 40+ C/D

By far, this will be one of the most competitive classes to the very last moto.  Christian Prida holds a narrow 3 point gap over Jason Caldwell.  Prida and Caldwell cannot relax because Geronimo Gierisch is charging hard.  The battle for 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th only have 12 points between the four positions.  Holding down 4th is Chris Harriage followed by Chris Thompson, Paul Henagan and Aaron Davila.

  • Vet 45+

Mr. GG has only been off the podium at the first round.  Since then, Geronimo has held the top spot each round.  Frank McClellam and John Dickey are also secure if each rider stays consistent.


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