Texas Winter Series Stacyc Classes

For the 21st Annual FMF Texas Winter Series, we are excited to announce we will be having two classes for the Stacyc stability cycles. We believe the Stacyc e bikes are a great introduction into racing on two wheels! Stacyc, along with FMF, Bell Helmets, 100% Goggles, LapKing, and VMac Tracks are all supporting these two classes.

The 12e and 16e classes will be run on a separate track for all the rounds of the Texas Winter Series. Signup will be available Saturday Dec 28th at Freestone Raceway. Following the Youth racing we will have the Stacyc races on the dedicated track where we had the Stacyc Rhythm. LapKing crew will be on site bringing all the energy they do for events!

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