LL Regional Practice Cancelled

May 31, 2012 (Wortham, Texas) – Freestone Raceway is cancelling practice on Friday, June 1st in order to protect the integrity of the track for the Loretta Lynn South Central Amateur Regional. Heavy rains have hit the Miller Ranch today (Thursday) and a decision has been made that it is best to allow the track time to heal. All other times as scheduled will remain with regards to gate hours and registration.

Don’t forget to check in starting at 8am on Saturday, June 2nd and Sunday, June 3rd for LIVE webcasting and LIVE scoring and timing. Go to www.FreestoneMX.com for all information.

8 thoughts on “LL Regional Practice Cancelled

  1. Drove 11 hours to get here, and we went out to the track and walked it, it doesnt look that bad, I bet they change there minds on practice, its windy, and its only a few spots in the back part that are bad, we have raced much worse. Hope for a change of heart.

  2. We are sure you have raced in much worse (so have we) but we also know how deep our track is and this is only practice. The track is good except around the bottom of the track. As soon as we turn the track over, you would see how sloppy it is underneath. We don't want to blow up bikes due to how deep it is just for practice. We just had the pro national and has not had time to seal. Why should we turn down revenue? No reason other than we know our dirt.

    We are sorry that mother nature dumped over an inch of rain in two hours but that is the decision that was made. Normally we would be able to handle much more rain but the track was not sealed thus the sand would be nothing but quick sand. The track will be epic for this weekend.

  3. Do you know of any other track that is open today? I came from Colorado and would like to get some practice in. Thank you.

  4. There is a track over by Giddings off Hwy 21. they have 2 tracks there and cross country trails. Nice place.

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