Moto Masters Begins in ONLY 5 Days

April 27, 2015 (Fort Worth, Texas) – You have already given yourself every reason why you have no business going out to race some Vet class.  The Moto Masters Suzuki Cup Series is not just about having five or six Vet classes to choose from and having to wait all day just to race your two moto’s.  The Moto Masters was designed to allow everyone to be in the “exact” class they are meant to be in with other fellow Vet riders of the same speed and talent.  In the Moto Masters the “class structure” does NOT have any OPEN CLASSES (omitting Vintage).

We have already heard the excuses that you’re not in race shape or that your gear doesn’t fit any longer.  We know all that.  What do you expect when you sleep in on Sunday’s after drinking beer all day on Saturday while watching SX on Fox.  The Moto Masters is here so you can get your butt off the couch, borrow you buds bike and come ride with the rest of the “I’m as fast as I use to be” compadres.

The weather gods are blessing this coming weekend at Village Creek MX Park so grab your kids, wife, girlfriend, or whoever to come out to be your pit crew and support you when you come off the track all tuckered out.  Lord knows you will need someone to fan you while some else gets you a cold wet towel and a third person puts your bike on the stand.

Early registration is open until 11pm Tuesday, April 28th.  You save yourself $5 per race entry if you signup online.  If not, registration will open at Village Creek on Friday, May 1st at 7pm right after the gates open at 6pm.  On race day, gates will open Saturday, May 2nd at 7am and be prepared to have the time of your life!

Moto Masters

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